RentLion Logo by Wer Tech


A tool to simplify the lives of landlords, property managers and tenants. It allows tenants to make mobile rent payments; send messages; store important documents; and make maintenance requests.

iOS & Web

Valrhona Chocolate App Logo


Valrhona is the most trusted chocolate brand among chefs in the world. The app provides professional chefs with guidance, tools and the ability to order tools and, of course, chocolate.

iOS & Android

Muncheez Logo


Building a “Feel Good” app for the cannabis community.

iOS, Android & Web

Logo Muses


Muses is a global creators’ network and marketplace. Entrepreneurs, small business owners and creatives use Muses to build and mobilize their networks for growth.

iOS, Android, Web

Logo Leaderboards

Battle of the Leaderboards

Battle of the Leaderboards is a social gaming platform created to give players of all types and talents the ability to compete with family, friends and other players in
a wide variety of games.

iOS, Android & Web

HowuDish Logo


Meet. Eat. Get Paid! Get CASH BACK when you date or meet friends who are food lovers at nearby restaurants!

iOS & Web

BCG Logo

Your Strategy Needs a Strategy

Built for the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Your Strategy Needs a Strategy is a game-based learning tool for business executives to experience strategic environments and understand how to choose and execute the right approach to strategy.

iOS & Web

Carenade Logo


Carenade allows caregivers to shop and compare accredited home care agencies in their area, as well as book medical or non-medical care.


MLB Players App

MLB Players App

The app used by all Major League Baseball players to manage their professional careers on and off the field.

iOS & Android

Syml Lyfe Logo by Wer Tech

Syml Lyfe

Welsh for “Simple Life”, this app to help families and trusted friends create groups and sync calendars to plan everything from carpools to playdates.


Hyer App Logo by Wer Tech


Hyer provides businesses and individuals a secure, easy way to search for, book and manage independent work.

iOS, Android, Web

Logo PrompSmart


The first and only “smart” teleprompter app. VoiceTrack speech recognition technology automatically follows your voice as you speak.

iOS, Android & Web

dreamOway Logo


Help make dreams come true with dreamOway. Post your dream and find backers or find dreams to fund and stay in touch along the way through in-app chats.

iOS & Android

Logo Laundry Pay


Sign up today and use your smart phone to pay at your laundromat. With LaundryPay, you can pay for your laundry, check washer and dryer availability, and receive notifications when your laundry is done!

iOS, Android & Web

Logo YesU


Want to go to college but can’t figure out how to pay for it? YesU is here to help.

You CAN pay for school and YesU will walk you through every step of the process!

iOS, Android & Web

WishPoints App by Wer Tech


WishPoints capture your wishes, trips and tips so you can share fun local spots & unique world travel experiences with friends earn travel rewards.


Tonquin Logo


On-demand delivery technology allows retailers, dealers, suppliers and repair facilities to eliminate the expense of fleet delivery methods and reclaim market share from drop-shipping online competitors.

iOS & Web

Logo ShuPlug


ShuPlug is the One Stop Sneaker Shop for all of your sneaker needs.

iOS & Web

Pharmaspectra by Wer Tech


Logo BabyMed


Logo Orbit Path

Orbit Path

Logo UN HowTo

United Nations How-To

Logo Love my Heart

Love My Heart for Women

Logo Intelligent Traveler

Intelligent Traveler

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